Monday, 5 April 2021

No Roots

A 4-day weekend, I need more of these! Especially with weather like we had yesterday - sun and lovely warmth. Aah, that blue sky makes me so happy!

Comma butterfly

Jamie and I finished clearing the wildlife plot. Ready to sow the wildflower seeds in a couple of weeks and hopefully the bog plants won’t be held up by stupid BREXIT for too long; they’re coming from Holland and I’ve seen some bad reports online, but Ivan said his irises weren’t delayed. 

Wildlife plot

Anyway the temperature is dropping over the next couple of weeks, with snow tomorrow - really?! So planting can wait a bit longer...

Cleared plot
The reason this plot isn’t leased is because it suffers from Horsetail, apart from the fact that it’s good to have an area on site where people aren’t trying to remove anything that wriggles or flies 🙄. We hope that the wildflowers will help reduce the spread of the horsetail, which creeps onto the site from the canal towpath. Grassing other areas has helped and the white coverings probably worked too, but look so ugly! We’ve also put some mini-plots on a horsetail plot because those plots tend to get more intensive cultivation which curtails the horsetail. Here’s some of the weed we found yesterday - it’s just sprouting, but so hard to spot when it’s dormant.
Horsetail weed
So, back to our plots. The crazy rhubarb missed out on being divided again last year - it’s trying to take over! We really must split it this year...
The beetroot and rainbow chard have germinated in the polytunnel. I’m hoping to be able to see the difference once they’ve grown a bit (I know! Why didn’t I label them?!)
Beetroot and chard seedlings
I’ve got a new watering can for the greenhouse. The mangetout can go outside soon, they won’t mind the frost, but I need to prepare their plot.
Watering mangetout
The marigolds have germinated poorly this year. Only 4 or 5 from each batch at home and in the polytunnel.
We’re seeing a lot of different butterflies and bees on the site now that flowers are appearing, it’s such a positive time of year (especially when the sun shines).  This is ground ivy, pretty ground cover, with a nice minty smell. The bees love it.
Ground Ivy
We’ve also seen a lot more bee flies this year, they’re predators of solitary bees so not that welcome but interesting to see. They’re so bee-like, including a buzz.
Bee Fly
So, that’s been our weekend so far. Today is Bank Holiday Monday and snow showers are now threatening today. It doesn’t look very welcoming but we’ll probably enjoy it when we finally get outside. The song title is provided by Alice Merton. I’d like to think there are no horsetail roots left in the wildlife plot, but I know that won’t be the case! Ooh, the sun has just come out!


  1. I agree with you - we def. need more 4-day weekends. I've done my neck in from straining somehow, perhaps from gardening, perhaps from the computer. i woke up this morning really hurting that i cannot turn my head left and its making me grumpy and feeling unwell. I do not want to go to work tomorrow. Anyway, enough about me - your plot looks good and yes, good idea to hold of planting with predicted snow - we have the same forecast too! The plot we had in Glasgow has horsetail, it didn't stop the committee leasing it out :( we managed, before moving on to another plot a year or two later. I've not seen bee flies around here, from what your saying - I guess its a good thing not to see them around. Ah you have reminded me that i need to sow chard, but that will be for next w/e now. Have a good working week, but enjoy today. I am going to have a lie down with my sore neck.

    1. Oh dear! Sorry about your neck pain which can be debilitating. Perhaps you will need a day off sick as sitting at a pc won’t help. It feels more awkward being off sick when working from home, but it shouldn’t. At least it’s another short week.
      We had a few flakes but much of the time it was sunny at the plot, with impressive clouds so we were very glad that we didn’t bottle out!
      Get well soon x

  2. Horsetail is a pain isn't it, I had it at my plot. I seem to recall it's been around since the dinosaurs! I hope the bog plants turn up okay. I'm also guilty of not labelling things. Somehow when I put them in, I have the idea that I'll remember what they are.

    1. It is a fascinating plant and actually rather pretty, but not great for an allotment - especially if people decide to rotavate 😖

  3. Thankfully horsetail is one weed that we don’t suffer from. I understand that it is a nightmare. It’s great to have space for a wildlife-l-t though.

    1. The trouble with horsetail is the propagation is just too easy so it can spread far and wide if given the opportunity

  4. Good post an pictures. Thankfully horsetail isn't a problem on my site.
    Happy plotting. xx

    1. Thanks! It’s a mix of snow and sunshine today so I’m not sorry to be back at work!


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