Monday, 3 December 2018

The Day the World Turned Day-Glo

There's been a lot of rain recently - our rain gauge had over-flowed at some stage during the week. And it's been very windy - with rubbish, composters, cloches and polytunnels all making their way to the North-Eastern corner of the site. I'm pleased to say to say most of our belongings stayed put - perhaps we're protected by these two :-)
Something has been enjoying pecking at those pumpkins... could it be this handsome fellow? There are two male pheasants wandering the site at the moment. There isn't much left to eat on site which isn't protected behind netting.
We were only visiting the plot to pick some veg and show a new plotholder round - not the best day for a visit, but now they have their new plot for Christmas. We were watching this redwing, which is enjoying the berries on the hedge near our plot - my photography through a hedge needs improvement :-) But I hope you can see the red patch, which is very bright in real-life and identifies it from a thrush.

Now, obviously this first post of December shouldn't be pumpkin-based, but I thought the three biggest squashes which we have left in the greenhouse look so colourful they deserve another share.

I expect I'll end up chopping them into chunks to share with friends and work colleagues - they're far too big for me. I used half a Festival squash to make my dinner last night and today's lunch. Squash, beetroot, chestnut and onion tart - so tasty, hot or cold, and just a sprinkling of cheddar. I roasted the beetroot, chestnut and squash before adding to the ready-made puff pastry. Delish!
So, why the Day-Glo song title? The colours are nice but not that bright... well, I couldn't go for another week without mentioning my handbag on this blog. (Anyone who knows me is now rolling their eyes). But just look at it....
Quite interesting...
The colours are more obvious when the sun or other bright light shines on it. And for maximum effect, in the blink of an eye - or the flash of a camera...
Amazing, huh? Thanks Lumikay - fantastic design!
So now you see why the XRay Spex song is appropriate :-)


  1. I tend to either freeze excess squash if I have too much to use or I make a big batch of curries etc. and freeze that.

    1. We only have a little freezer so I don't tend to do that, but it's a good idea

  2. I thought I had left a message here last time, but guess not - that bag is pretty cool.


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