Monday, 12 March 2018

History Repeating

It's the time of year... there's not that much happening on the plot and all I seem to be writing about is SOUP! So, as I'm sitting here drinking my latest spicy parsnip I used my webcam to create this fractal effect. 
I decided on parsnip as I thought they had all died/rotted away in the ground but, because the tops are growing back, I can see where they are again. And what a whopper - it's the same length as the hob on our cooker! With hardly any canker. I didn't use all the core, which may be a bit tough because of the re-growth.
I was going to flavour it using curry powder but decided to put individual spices in instead and it's very tasty.
There are still some more leeks to be pulled, but they are quite thin now.
I love the smell of them frying in the spices before I add the stock and parsnips.
Our visit to the plot yesterday was interrupted by thunder, lightning and a huge downpour of rain. The roads were flooded and the drains were popping up as we drove home.
Here's a little video looking out from the toolshed, which has a metal roof.

I did manage to get some bulbs planted into pots (Ixia and Dutch Iris) and Jamie sowed some marigold seeds (Durango Bee and Honeycomb). The broad beans had germinated but then got struck by the freezing weather so we're having to re-plant them.
So this song by The Propellerheads & Shirley Bassey fits the bill, but I think there will be a few more soup-based posts before Spring...


  1. Replies
    1. I didn't realise it was Shirley Bassey, good song though!

  2. Parsnip in soups, mmm - my favourite is curried parsnip soup, but this sounds good too. I too have some leeks in the garden to use up and hope to pull some out today for another recipe or two (day off work today). After the snow, we have rain. Glad to see you on top of the seed sowing, we sadly no longer have a useable greenhouse, so much damage to it since the high winds a couple of months back. :(

    1. Such a shame about your greenhouse. We quite often see people offering free greenhouses if you can transport it. Keep an eye on your local site you may get lucky

  3. I have never successfully grow leek. I don't know why

    1. Your climate must be wrong for them. this year has been our best harvest but they always do pretty well for other people on our allotment site.


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