Sunday, 18 March 2018

Black and White Town

The freezing weather returned! And we have even more snow than we had at the beginning of March.
Modified photo of icicles from the roof of our composting toilet
On Friday evening we retrieved our recently-sown marigold seeds and wrapped fleece round the shelving where our broad beans are trying to germinate. The fleece and four litre bottles of water are keeping the temperature at about 1° higher than the non-protected thermometer, but will it be enough? Perhaps we'll have to sow a third lot of beans this year...
Look at our pots...
And our chives...
And the site!
There were lots of tracks in the snow - nothing very interesting but we rather liked this meandering trail - bird or mouse?
We saved a panicking thrush from a brassica cage and then checked ours. We cleared the snow to stop it ripping the netting and, hooray, our purple sprouting broccoli is doing something at last, but it was too cold to stay and harvest anything today.
You may have noticed that my camera decided to use macro for the photo above and focused on the netting - now, if I was trying to do that you know it wouldn't work! I tried photographing some of the freshly fallen snowflakes on Friday and nearly caught them, but I need a bit more practise.

It was a very chilly walk back home. The thermometer in the greenhouse showed 3.3° but when the wind blew and whooshed snow about - BRRR! And we may be due more snow tonight - we're not used to this in Berkshire!!
The Doves provide the title track. The pure white snow and black roads made me choose this song.

Also, if you're in the area on Saturday....


  1. Snow flake photo looks good. Like the book you gave me. Quite alot if snow here too.

  2. Let’s hope that’s the last of the snow.

    1. It's very pretty but it would be nice to do more than freeze on the plot!

  3. I admire you for going to your plot with all that snow. I couldn't get out of my house that weekend, or Monday due to dangerous road conditions esp. up in the valleys and had to take it as a holiday. Love your photographs though and yes, freezing rain....brrrr...I hope Easter weekend is kinder.

    1. I AGREE! The snow's been fun, but it can come back in December now!


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