Saturday, 6 January 2018

Lady Eleanor

Well, Storm Eleanor actually - and it sure was windy! The roads in the week were strewn with branches and debris; fences had blown down and trees were at unexpected angles.We walked to the allotment today and were pleased to see our greenhouse still standing and no structural damage.
We picked a bit of veg, our first leeks of the season.
Leeks are included in our cheesy baked potato meal with our 2016 runner bean chutney tonight, tomorrow evening's leeky bake and I'm in the process of making leek and carrot soup - if you hadn't guessed from the little video! I'm intending to leave it watery, e.g. un-blitzed.
The leeks with less white on them were grown in the raised bed and the lovely white ones were planted directly into the ground. There's a mix of sizes across the 3 locations where we planted them out.
So, tomorrow we definitely intend to do some work on the plots, the first time since November, although Ivan has promised to bring some wine to the site, so we'd better walk!
Lindisfarne provide the title.


  1. Good to hear your plot and greenhouse are all well.We have not been fortunate.
    The storms every year damage our greenhouse, no matter where we have lived. Not one year have we ever been lucky. Lots of it is damaged this week and we won't be tending to it as it is still getting a hammering. The wind today is very strong that it is knocking out Arch seat back and fro that I am cringing and the wind is howling.
    Admiring your carrots and leeks. I do have leeks to harvest, but nowhere the size of yours.

    1. Oh dear, sorry to hear of your greenhouse, I hope it's not beyond repair. It was another windy day today, but not damaging gusts here in Berkshire.
      I look forward to seeing some of your leek recipe ideas

  2. I saw Lindisfarne perform this - It turns out to be 45 years ago! Big leek fans here.

    1. Time sure does fly!! Yes, love leeks so I'm glad we planted a lot more this year


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