Saturday, 27 January 2018

Grey Day

Not the best day for showing a new plotholder around the site, but she is very happy with her new mini plot. In fact we've had four other new arrivals over the last couple of weeks so I hope the weather cheers up soon - for them and us! At least the rain stopped for a short while so we could get the kettle boiling.
Jamie sowed our Sutton broad beans in the greenhouse and put their little cloche tops on to protect them from mice. It's nice to be sowing something, but we've got lots to do before anything can be planted out. Plenty of time though...
I spent the afternoon clearing and composting. Three compost bins are full, but it will soon shrink down and make room for more green waste to be added, though I may need to use a fourth bin given the amount we still have to clear.
Jamie did 'neeps and tatties' for our lovely Burns Night meal with a Stahly's veggie haggis on Thursday - so delicious, with our own swede as the neeps but we had to buy the tatties.
Yes, I know I'm in pyjamas - it's the only tartan I own :-D
Leeks and carrots are still our main harvests at the moment. We had a tasty cheesy pasta bake with them last night. Here's a little timelapse.
We seem to have a never-ending supply of leeks! This was a bunch that I stuck in the ground last year - I couldn't bear to waste them but couldn't be bothered to plant them properly - they look in pretty good condition, as 'Baby Leeks'.
They certainly look better than the ones we planted into pots... when I say "planted" they were basically dumped into soil and abandoned, so that may have been the reason for the poor show :-)
Here's our french garlic that we bought at Hungerford Food Festival last year. Not many plants this year, but the cloves that we planted were huge. We usually end up with far too much.
The bunches we stored in the greenhouse are starting to sprout but there's still more at home which is lasting well.
And look what we spotted on Plot 3! Our very first purple sprout - I did have to zoom in to photograph it, so broccoli won't be replacing leeks and carrots on our menus any day soon!
The very apt title is provided by Madness.


  1. Well done for your efforts today. I twisted my knee whilst climbing the apple tree to prune, so resting today!! I love that picture of you .... pyjamas or not. Did you watch Monty Don last night?

    1. Ow, your knee sounds painful - hope you didn't fall out of the tree! No, we don't usually watch Gardener's World - prefer Beechgrove, I need to check when that starts again

  2. One day we will manage to grow a swede that develops a proper root.

    1. We have a giant, butI've a feeling it may have brown heart. I may check it today


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