Saturday, 26 August 2017

Sweetest Thing

It's the last Bank Holiday weekend of the year and today was sunny and warm. We spent the afternoon on the allotment after having a little lunch.
I had marinaded the Speedy Dwarf beans and Redcurrant tomatoes in a mixture of balsamic vinegar, chilli olive oil and liquid smoke overnight. They were nicely flavoured without hiding the lovely natural french bean flavour. I had them with Burgundy Red potato salad.
The Redcurrant tomatoes have done better outside than in the greenhouse. They're so sweet, tiny and delicious.
Still the sweetest tomatoes are the Aviditas plum tomatoes from the greenhouse. We've had some cooked, but mostly just raw as a snack.
At last the Tigerella are colouring up - what a great looking tomato! These are the only 3 which are turning so far, but hopefully the rest will follow on quite soon...
This is the first male flower that's appeared on the Glass Gem sweetcorn - unexpectedly red, but we hope that's a sign of good colouration of the cobs, if they have enough time to form.
The plants are about 8 foot tall but now that the flowers are appearing perhaps they've reached their maximum height. And talking of maximum heights...
That's our tallest Russian Giant sunflower - about 9 foot I reckon. The flower heads have all developed quite differently and at different times so some are already providing seeds for the birds while others are only just bursting out of bud.
The asters are looking good now - just a week late for the Horticultural show. We particularly like the white flower with pinky tinges on the petals - sorry, you can't see it in this photo :-}
We spent most of the time weeding, strimming, dead-heading and composting. There are tall weeds everywhere - that's what happens when you start thinking about other things, like Horticultural Shows! Jamie also potted on some lavender plants, viola and 6 strawberry runners from the strawberries we inherited on Plot46A - our plants were poor this year.
We're keenly waiting for our Lark sweetcorn to ripen, the cobs are bulking up nicely - I hope they'll be ready for our plotholders barbecue next weekend.
So the song title is by U2 - so far this year it refers to the Aviditas tomatoes. Can they really be improved upon??


  1. Tomatoes look amazing and so did your lunch, the allotment looks fantastic. Loving the song choice, I really love the vid, enjoying the long weekend x

  2. So vibrant. I also have sunflwoers in the garden of all sizes from dwarf to tall ones like Russian Giant, mine has yet to open its petals - but it already has me smiling at how tall it is - like yours 9 foot I think. Our tomatoes were a month behind, so they are still very green - hopefully we will get to enjoy some before blight gets them.

    1. I do love to see sunflowers and the birds will enjoy the seeds. I'm still deciding whether to try and dry a head of seeds for human consumption

  3. That sweetcorn looks really pretty. You've reminded me to check my lavender cuttings.

    1. Thanks. We were going to do lavender cuttings, but we went to a charity quiz and someone was selling tiny plants, so it saved us a job!


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