Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Spicy Veg - thanks to Daniel

I received a thank you gift from someone I'd helped at work - isn't it nice to be appreciated! Daniel had been to Sicily and brought back these lovely spices.
They are meant to be used on pasta but they look so lovely we couldn't wait till we were having pasta, so sprinkled some over our roast vegetables last night instead. (With hindsight, we added a bit too much of the spice - it was VERY hot hot hot!)
Carrots, parsnip (the first this year), beetroot, kohl rabi, pumpkin (small, lumpy kind - thanks Forbes), tomatoes and onion.
That must surely be the last of our courgettes for this year! There's a sweetcorn there for me. We have found that just keeping them for a day after picking stops them tasting so sweet and delicious - the kernels go rather hard, so they've got to be cooked and eaten as soon as possible after picking. 
That will be our penultimate visit to the plot before we go to Tenerife - I wonder how much will still be green in a couple of weeks time...


  1. Have a great time. Look forward to some photos when you get back.

  2. Que bueno el regalo! Disfruta de las vacaciones, Tenerife es un paraíso.
    Un beso!


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