Saturday, 1 October 2016

Food Festival Prep

It's tomorrow, so we've got an early morning to pick carrots and other veg that needs to be kept fresh. I do enjoy helping to set up the HAHA stand and then hanging round talking to people about our site and growing our own. We picked some produce today so we could do some preparation.
The top one is our biggest for the pumpkin competition. It's pretty big (over 10kg) but not mammoth so I don't think it's a winner.
These are the only black radishes that grew. We haven't eaten any. They're meant to be very peppery - they look quite interesting.
This is a photo before I burned them!
So now I'm preparing to roast pumpkin seeds (flavoured with smoked paprika) and fiddling with a photo slideshow (which I could have started a long time ago!) along with washing tomatoes - black ones, that never did completely ripen and orange ones that burst if you look at them too long!
I'm looking forward to seeing Roger Phillips (mushroom and foraging fame) along with having some tasty snacks - shame there aren't a few more veggie stalls turning up, but there are some. 


  1. Some interesting squashes in that first photo.

  2. hi belinda ,had hoped to get down the plot to donate to the stand,sadly not to be, if you are there in the morning and if interested,please pick a tromboncini,growing up the sticks for the stand,have a good day tommorow jon hale

    1. Excellent! Thanks Jonathan. We'll be going to the allotment quite soon


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