Saturday, 10 September 2016

September - Cooking and Growing

Mmmm, if you could only smell this cooking!
French bean chutney, one of our favourites! We use the same recipe each time we make it. Only once did we make it with runner beans, that were a bit old. Eurgh, we won't make that mistake again! Stringy bits in your Christmas chutney are most disappointing!
Turmeric, mustard, cornflour in vinegar
We went to the allotment earlier - it was pouring with rain, but we wanted the onions and Speedy Dwarf beans for the chutney and the other veg for the halloumi meal tonight.
I'm pleased that the peppers changed colour as intended. The red one is halfway there, but just the orange and yellow ones for tonight.
The Indigo Rose black tomatoes haven't had enough sunshine to completely turn. Their green backs have turned reddish. They're not as tasty as the red plum Aviditas tomatoes, which would be my tomato of choice next year. It's prolific and delicious!
Talking of prolific... the Disco Patty Pan have come into their own. These two were particularly beautiful! Several have grown huge so I've been taking them to work - but even my colleagues can't face any more Summer squashes! They are delicious stuffed.
Our largest sunflower is now seeding up. I may take some of the seeds for nibbling, but most we'll leave for the birds. Our cucumbers have also had their day, but Rocky performed brilliantly as always.
And soon it'll be time for the Winter squashes....
Jack Be Little
Jack of All Trades
We picked one of the Lark sweetcorn cobs yesterday. The kernels were very small and not quite ready, but we ate a lot of it raw as it was so sweet. Looking forward to them in probably a week's time...


  1. So agree stringy bits are not nice at all. Admiring your lovely harvest. Those pumpkins look awesome

    1. Some of those pumpkins will go to Hungerford Food Festival on 2nd October, but I don't think we'll have the biggest in the competition

  2. We have never grown summer squash, maybe we should.


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