Monday, 12 September 2016

In the Mood

I cooked again yesterday! Two days in a row doesn't happen very often. I had a vegetable omelet/frittata for dinner. With chard (stems and leaves), tomatoes, onion and courgette with cheddar cheese on top - so tasty.
The frittata could have contained potatoes as we emptied the last potato bag yesterday - one Orla produced a lot of large potatoes and they are in good condition. I hope they are suitable for baking.
A couple of the carrots had sprouted extra legs and they joined the onion and some spices to make my lunch soup that I'm eating as I type.
In fact, it was so tasty that I've had to heat up a second mugful - well, it's a small mug (honest!)
We had a nice couple of hours on the plot. Jamie spent time weeding the brassicas (Brussels Sprouts and Kohl Rabi) and I weeded and deadheaded all over the place.
The plants look much happier now that they aren't competing with weeds and they have a higher net so they aren't feeling restricted. We had to get the new net on quickly as there were a lot of white butterflies trying to lay eggs everywhere!
The loofah is getting longer each time we visit, but no sign of the foliage dying back yet so we'll leave it on the vine for now. I'm a little concerned it may fall off and break - that will be very disappointing as it's the one and only!


  1. Hola Belinda! Que tortilla más buena! Las coles preciosas.

  2. Put it in an old stocking and tie the top to something to support it. We did it with our melons with old fruit net bags but on the whole the melons have been disappointing.

    1. A stocking... Hmm, I may have a suitable sock. Thanks


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