Sunday, 12 June 2016

Footie and Foodie

Unfortunately the flags didn't help England win their first match in Euro 2016, but there's plenty of time and plenty of other matches which will keep us away from the plot over the next 4 weeks.
We had a nice time weeding yesterday and drinking elderflower cordial, which a friend at work gave me as payment for some strawberry plants earlier in the year.
We've planted up most things now so it's pretty much time to sit back and wait for food! Especially if we get the rain that is being forecast. Our squashes and cucumbers will be ready to go out quite soon.. This is the luffah which has started developing more leaves in the greenhouse.
We were being rained on today, but it was just drizzle so we planted out the sweetcorn that had just popped up yesterday - they're tiny. We've protected them with cloches - the magpies (there was a family of 6 hanging round today) are likely to be the biggest problem, once the cobs have formed.
The Tender & True parsnips and the Primo carrots have germinated and hopefully some will survive the slugs - we sowed more than previous years. Only one coriander plant survived so I'll direct-sow some more near the carrots - well, it's traditional, even though our carrots are under enviromesh. My most recent salad sowings have been more successful than earlier sowings, so I should hopefully be eating home-grown salads quite soon...
Strawberries and radishes are our main harvest at the moment. They look pretty, but don't make much of a meal!
I was hoping to get 15 tall sunflowers but only 6 have germinated so far. However with some of the short sunflowers, the area we've planned for them should look pretty.


  1. Well you could have made a salad with strawberries and radishes!!!!

    1. Hmm, I think the strawberries went better with cornish ice cream

  2. Our parsnips germinated well and then the slugs moved in.

    1. Mm, we seem to be losing a few, but hope enough are surviving so far

  3. Love the england support. Doing better now😊
    your salad looks ok.
    p.s.Can't find place to comment when viewing on pc.

    1. I think I'll have enough salad for lunch next week. Hooray!
      Hmm, I think the comments box doesn't show when you view whole blog rather than an individual post (sometimes). How about if you view the other comments though?


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