Saturday, 25 June 2016

Dark Clouds

We forgot to put our Flag of Europe up to show our support before the referendum, and now, I'm VERY sorry to say, I don't feel like we are part of Europe. The cloudy skies behind certainly a sign of something brewing...
The sad photo includes the marigolds in a small trough that I put by the allotment gate. They were eaten down to stalks within a couple of days - what a year! Our pots at home are going through the same slug-abuse, but I'm pleased with my Night Sky petunias (even though Beechgrove Garden poo-pooed them recently!).
Thunder was rumbling around us while we got on with various jobs on the plots. And heavy rain showers were interspersed with bright, warm sunshine.
We weeded, sowed a few seeds (mangetout, to make up the current weak show), transplanted some lettuce, planted another Disco Summer squash, fed the birds and Jamie made up the pots for the Rocky cucumbers.
I re-sowed some Eskimo carrots as only two germinated from the previous sowing, but the Primo look quite good.
And then there was a flash of lightning and the loudest thunder clap that I've EVER heard, so we went home!
The hedge is covered in dog roses - so pretty


  1. As long as you are pleased with your petunias that is all that matters

  2. I have the Night Sky Petunias too and I love them!

  3. You probably won't notice much difference on the allotment whether we are in or out of Europe. So probably best not to think much about it.
    Seems most people love those petunias. They look very pretty.

  4. Whatever, your petunia is really beautiful!


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