Saturday, 10 October 2015

Autumn on the Plot

I had to scrape the windscreen last week and the nights are creeping down so we moved the pumpkins into the greenhouse. We had to do a bit more clearing in there first. The cornichons are all picked but we're not sure if they'll be very tasty as they've got so huge. We're still waiting for the tomatillos to go purple and they still seem to be growing. I found this lovely dried husk, but the ones on the plant are still green.
 We read today that the husk is meant to go brown when the fruit is ripe... Hmmm.
We got 11 good-sized pumpkins from our 6 plants on Plot3. We were pleased to see that the slugs hadn't got to them.
September wasn't a good time to go away for two weeks as we missed out on so much harvest - look at that waste of lovely tomatoes and we composted lots of cucumbers today. These are our Radish Rat Tails, they're pretty hot. The photo on the seeds showed the seedpods should go red but I can't see that happening.
This photo is evidence for my sister Joanne that I've used the drink jar she gave me!

The tomatoes are blighted so they won't be going into the compost bins - we'll clear them off site very soon.
I was pleased to see we have one (only one) swede that has actually formed properly and we found a courgette that is still edible, though rather big! We pulled a Kestrel potato and have a good supply of spuds for the next week or so - there should be a couple of good ones there for baking - yum!

We're storing manure in the compost bins while we plan what we're doing next year. We haven't got a lease extension beyond April yet!! :-(


  1. The people who make those decisions, only need to see that aerial film, taken with the drone, to see how much many allotmenteers get out of their plots.

  2. I guess that the best time for gardeners to go on holiday it's the middle of winter.
    For the first time that I can remember in many years we have not had any blight at all on the plot this year.
    I hope you soon find out about the lease and they don't leave things too long.

  3. You have lots of pumpkins and your garlic make me so jealous. I have never success on growing garlic in my own garden.


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