Sunday, 15 February 2015

Mostly Brown and Grey

The last week has been dull and grey with today being no exception. However, it was mild (8°) with no chill wind so was unexpectedly pleasant on Marsh Lane. It was good to see fellow plotholders and to see worked plots all around - obviously spring is on its way.

Jamie had dug the manure into the onion plot during the week. His work is so neat and tidy! Here's his handiwork. Ready and waiting for a bit of onion fertiliser and the Hylander onions to be delivered by Thompson & Morgan.
And there's the potato plot that he's given a further dig over today.
And here's what I achieved... I haven't dug it, just cleared the weeds and the paths.
I just can't rake! I didn't intend it to be dead flat but it felt flatter than that when I was dealing with it! Where does all the extra earth come from?! It's a treat to be digging and weeding again - funny how much you miss it over the winter months!
This is the quarter where the 'large cloche' (remember, it's not a polytunnel!) is going. Would love to get going with it, but we'll need to wait till March at the earliest...I'm glad February is a short month!

Here's a little video capturing the sound of the allotment - lots of birds and Jamie digging. It's not very good, I only had my mobile with me. Not quite true, I remembered to take my big camera but hadn't charged the stupid battery - duh!


  1. Isn't it great to work to the sound of birdsong? The bit with the video is bizarre but it doesn't seem to add Martyn's train video I f you go to full-size well not on my iPad anyway

    1. It is lovely, They're so busy at the moment but didn't want any food from us on Sunday - minds on other things I think!


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