Saturday, 19 October 2013

Manure and Squashes

First visit to the plot today following our lovely two weeks away in beautiful Tenerife - now, I love the allotment, but I'd rather be in Tenerife again right now!
I only went to see how things were doing and to pull a potato but ended up spending a couple of hours on the site.
There hasn't been a frost while we were away and the weather has apparently stayed quite warm, though there had been a lot of rain at some point - the gauge was full.
Looks like I'm going to be eating squashes for a few months - Jamie's refusing at this point :-)

Cornells Bush Delicata
Uchiki Kuri
It was such a warm day and there were quite a few of us there because the manure was being delivered - we can buy a barrow-load from HAHA for £1 (HAHA buy it from a local farmer). We were pleased to see how well-rotted it is and I moved 8 barrow-loads to our plot - Jamie may get some more next week.
I went home with a very heavy bag of potatoes, one squash and a sweetcorn - most of the sweetcorn have gone over now but the one I took home was still sweet and tasty, though the kernels were a little harder than you'd really want.


  1. Smelly work moving the "muck" but well worth the effort. We can't get anyone to deliver manure at the moment. It used to cost us £20 for a huge truck load but some local suppliers are asking up to £50 a load now.

  2. Looking tanned and beautiful and shovelling sh......

  3. We are lucky and have a supply delivered free to the site, We just help ourselves from the communal bay

  4. Hi Belinda,
    Was looking at your Tenerife photos on Google+. I see that you got to the Anaga Mountains in the NW corner.
    There's a great network of paths there. The north coast of the island is spectactular too.

    1. Yes, we're intending to return next year and explore the Anaga national park. It's such a beautiful island - we love to stay in the North


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