Saturday, 28 September 2013

HAHA at the Hungerford Food Festival

Another busy Sunday as we will be helping to man the HAHA stall at the Food Festival tomorrow.
We've picked some produce from the HAHA plot - a lovely colourful haul!
That is: Golden Hubbard squash, ridge cucumbers, kohl rabi, mooli, jack-o-lantern pumpkins, courgettes (floridor yellow & normal), uchiki kuri squash and purple haze carrots.

We like  to highlight the benefits of growing your own. Of course, we'll also take advantage of the platform to highlight the plight of the allotment sites in Hungerford and how we really need a permanent site for the town.
Here's a lesson on why you should pick your courgettes regularly :-) Hmm, wonder if anyone will want to take that home with them...


  1. not sure if this will get to you in time but you might want to get down to the plots today at 14:00 (17/10/13) network rail planning some work on the railways that may well impact you in a big way......

    1. Thank you - just in time for our Chairman to go along on Thursday and talk to the Network Rail people - we were already aware that this was in the pipeline.
      Thanks for considering us though!

  2. I see the picture of you and Jamie, but where's the courgette.
    By the way - the above comment looks a bit ominous.......maybe you can get some old sleepers to make raised beds.

    1. Haha!
      Yes, don't know who the anonymous note was from. Network Rail are using half our car park for 5 weeks while they work on the bridge-strengthening. It'll probably be a bit messy but shouldn't impact on our plots at all...


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