Monday, 7 January 2013

New Wildlife Blog

Since having the allotment our interest in the various wildlife that we've encountered has increased. Naturally, once you start noticing the different beasties it's just a small step to investigating further...
As a result I have created a new blog about the wildlife on the Marsh Lane site (not only, but mostly, on our plots). The blog contains photos and information about the creatures we're living alongside. I have identified what I can and include links to some of the brilliant sites which have proved invaluable in trying to work out how I should feel about seeing some of the creatures!
I'll continue to mention wildlife in this main Plot7 blog but Plot7Wildlife will have more details and photos.
Pay a visit, follow, link and comment as you see fit :-) I welcome any comments, advice or corrections!


  1. Your photos are so good. What a great idea. Well done.

  2. Great idea Belinda. Most of our wildlife is interesting to watch and study. I might just pinch your idea for my blog. I unearthed 1 particularly nasty beastie yesterday, down the plot and posted the photograph yesterday.

  3. Thanks. It's handy to have all the beastie pics in one place. Or maybe two places Rooko!
    I saw your worm pic -ugh!!

  4. I think gardening and a keen interest in wildlife are a natural fit - I include our garden wildlife on my allotment blog too. Then I have a more detailed write up on my website which is linked from the blog. A bit similar to your way.

  5. Thanks Sue.
    I didn't copy :-) but have had a look at your site/blog.
    It's interesting to compare sites as you're in Yorkshire and we're in Berkshire.


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