Sunday, 16 December 2012

Weather and Birdlife

Not sure if that's a pigeon or kestrel
At the beginning of last week the weather was really cold (-4°) with beautiful frosted trees, but unfortunately I didn't get a chance to get to the site to take any photos. Since Friday it's been rainy and temperatures have been a balmy 8°. Not good - we want the weeds and bad pests to die off, which they won't do if it stays moderately warm :-(

There had just been a torrential downpour when we got to the plot this afternoon after posting Christmas cards - look at all that rainfall since last Sunday!! Shame it hasn't been cold enough for snow - I could have had a snow day from work :-)

The ground was really soggy and everything looked saturated, including our garlic bed...
There were lots of birds about; robins, blue tits, blackbirds, pigeons and pheasants (eating the tops off people's unprotected brassicas). We've noticed that there are no berries left on the hedge, apart from a few rosehips. I was hoping to see some redwings as I saw a whole flock of them eating berries along the A4 the other day - beautiful looking birds. I'd never seen them before but they're apparently a common Winter visitor.
Herbs (and weeds) are the only things growing on this part of the plot


  1. The weather has been much the same here recently. Even the birds seem to be hiding away in the hedgerows. Everything is damp and dreary down the plot although I harvested some sprouts today.

  2. I really wish the weather would go cold for Christmas - now that I've finished work I'm happy for the freezing weather to start. We'd still be able to get to the plot to pick our leeks and sprouts for Christmas lunch :-)
    It would be a nice change from RAIN!!


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