Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sprouts for dinner

Time really is flying - December now and it feels like it! Brrrr, lowest temp over the last week has been -5°. All the water on the site is frozen and the ground is solid though squelchy on top because of the torrential rain we had before the last few days of frost.
We weren't the only ones on the site; the cat was stalking something and was a bit indignant at being disturbed! Not too sure where he lives but he thinks he owns the site as he's been around since day1 - there's another tabby who's been around recently though so he's got competion!
Our poor broad beans probably shouldn't have chosen last week to pop their little heads up :-(
Far too cold for them to start growing at this point, we think. They look a bit yellow at the moment...
We picked sprouts to have with dinner - Jamie picked the poorest quality ones but they tasted delish!



  1. Nice looking Sprouts. I think the Broad beans will be o.k. once they get established, even with the frost of late. One thing I don't like are cats anywhere near my plots, even if they are good "mousers", which most are not.

    1. I hope the beans make it. We lost our intended early ones to frost last year because they had grown TOO much before the frost hit them!

  2. Wish our sprouts were as good as this. Last year ours were the mainstay of our winter veggies. Saving the only ones we have got til Xmas day.


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