Thursday, 26 July 2012

Big Butterfly Count 2012

I did the butterfly count for Butterfly Conservation in the afternoon - it was easy to find 15 minutes and a sunny spot. I decided to do it at the top of site, outside the allotment boundary where there's a bit of wild ground with lovely long grass and some tall weeds. I didn't think 'allotment' fitted any of the other descriptions very well - it's a bit different from a garden, so I went with the easy option and chose 'field'.
By the allotment entrance
The butterflies are different varieties from what we see on the plot. There were no Red Admirals, of which we've seen lots this year, peacocks or tortoiseshells and not so many cabbage whites (which we've been chasing off our cabbages all week).
Here's what I recorded:
  2 x Green-veined White - I'm sure they were this type of white because of the greeny-closed wings
  7 x Ringlet
  2 x Meadow Brown
  3 x Marbled White
I only managed to snap the Ringlet butterfly. All the others were flitting around far too quickly - I got quite a few blurred brown blobs!
Ringlet butterfly

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