Thursday, 26 July 2012

Another hot BBQ day

Another brilliant day for a barbecue, not quite as hot as yesterday but still way above average at about 28°!
I took this photo by attaching the camera to a 8-foot bamboo and then setting the 12 second timer before holding it high above my head - it looks really high up doesn't it? It makes for a good bird's eye view of the plots :-)
Overhead shot of our plots
We puddled our leeks in and put the Shallot cage over them as some protection against leek moth.
We had to do quite a lot of watering - although it's still damp under the surface we want our veggies, which are just fruiting, to have as much water as possible. The water poured into the leeks holes soon drained away.
Puddling in the leeks


  1. That idea for an overhead shot is so clever of you. I will try it tomorrow and post on my blog if it works. My highest was standing on an old stool but as there was an ominous cracking sound as I got down I didn`t try it again.


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