Saturday, 30 June 2012

A sunny day in June 2012!

We had a fab day on the plot today. Took our lunch with us and stayed for 6 hours. We were in the sun for much of the time too, though it was very windy, it was warm!

We moved our store of bags of manure, etc. and there were so many slugs - I counted 25 of the biggest, most horrible ones in that small area - ugh - they went over the hedge, anyone walking along the towpath could have got a shock :-)
Multi-coloured, but not pretty!
We dug an area on the new plot (ok, Jamie reads this - he did most of the digging) for rhubarb, which we were kindly given by another allotment holder, Terry. We sorted out two bags full of our compost which we'll put under the rhubarb, along with some horse manure.
There have been a few sunny and warm days over the last week and many of the plants have really cheered up as a result. Flowers are beginning to show on the beans, at least one of the squashes looks like it's pretty happy and there are a couple of peppers actually growing!
We've got a green pepper!


  1. Glad to hear you've had a little sunshine, giving you some time down the plot. Same here this week with showery periods. The slugs make good compost after they have been chopped up with a spade.

  2. That pepper is so early. What are you doing to them? Ours are nowhere near. Six hours must have been a marathon.


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