Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Not a swallowtail butterfly larva

Got very excited when I found a couple of these lovely looking caterpillars at the site today. However, it doesn't turn into an amazing swallowtail butterfly - it turns into a rather dull (sorry, but it is!) brown mullein moth :-(

Mullein Moth caterpillar
Jamie did some more digging of Plot 8 as the sun actually shone today and there was no rain! Broad beans are growing well, although they have developed chocolate spot on the leaves (the beans should be fine). I keep picking small handfuls of mange tout and I took a bit of salad home today too, but things are growing slowly...

By the way, the belana potatoes we picked at the weekend were really delicious, so I wish I hadn't been so negative in that post!


  1. Nice photo of the caterpillar, I think its a case of the Swan turning into the ugly duckling??


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