Saturday, 18 February 2012

Plot 8A gets a tidy

We got to the allotment early as we knew rain was due today. It was quite chilly, mostly due to the really strong winds, but we had to get our compost bins sorted - they've been waiting to be put back in place since we made the path on Plot 8A a couple of weeks ago.

We combined the contents of the open wooden compost bin with the green plastic one and a big bag of cut up brown cardboard. Then divided it all between the two plastic bins - they're both nearly half-full now but a lost of that will compost down fairly quickly. Oh yes, the broad beans went in there too :-(

Because of the path we had to shift our bench and other 'furniture', so we re-layed the weed suppressant under the decking and put the stones all round the compost bins - this is to provide a bit of cover for insects - we found quite a few centipedes, beetles, spiders, larvae and slugs. The slugs and larvae went over the hedge towards the canal but the others can stay as they tend to eat other nasties rather than our produce!

There, that looks better!
We're intending to put strawberries in the wooden planter - the basil didn't do well in it last year - but I may move the herbs (in buried pots) up to the corner. I'm getting rid of the mint and sage (didn't use any last year) but will grow some par-cel (like parsley but tastes like celery) and coriander instead - these along with the usual rosemary, thyme (both so pretty and bees love them), parsley and chives.

We left just as it was raining - is so often accurate to the hour for us!


  1. I used to have an allotment when I lived in Scotland but lost it in a fire. I've just moved to Wales, am goign to put my name on a waiting list with the local council for one, but in the meantime will grow some veg in the garden here. Looking forward to watching your growing ventures and comparing notes.

    The only herb I've never been able to grow well: indoors or outdoors is basil, hope you do better. I can smell those herbs already.

  2. Thanks Shaheen. I'll have another go at basil this year. It seems it has to be protected so I intend to surround it with some of the other herbs.... we'll see if that helps...


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