Saturday, 11 February 2012

After the snow

Well the snow did arrive, but wasn't very deep. We only got a couple of centimetres but it was VERY cold....
-9° minimum on the plot over the last week.
It was cold while we were dropping some compost off at the plot, but the sun shining on the snow is so beautiful and it was very pleasant wandering around. There was about 10cm of ice on the water troughs. We broke it up so that the birds could get a bit of water. I attempted to photograph a robin who was watching me - got a lovely shot ... of a stick :-}
Aquadulce Broad beans don't like -9°
Now we're really convinced that our broad beans aren't going to make it. There are so few left in such a sad state that we've decided to remove them and sow new ones when the weather is a little happier. As usual we'll protect them with their little plastic bottle cloches.
Lots of bird-life around the site at the moment - mostly robins and blackbirds but we've also seen a thrush, wren, rooks, moorhens and pigeons (of course!).
There's evidence of moorhens all over the place when snow's on the ground, but no rabbit tracks inside the fence so that's good.
Moorhen footprint


  1. really nive blog :-) shame about your broad beans.

  2. Thank you for the note. I see from your blog that the weather hasn't been kind to you either! If it's not frost and snow it's wind, rain or sun! We're never completely with the weather are we?!

  3. Sorry to see the condition of your Broad Beans. Weather was freezing here too but no snow. Getting bored now waiting a few more weeks to get sowing & planting done. Better luck with the weather in your area.

  4. Have pulled the broad beans now :( Will re-sow next permitting!


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