Sunday, 10 September 2017

Everybodys Talkin

It's been organ donation week in the UK. There have been lots of positive news stories showing how lives are changed by the gift of organ donation.
As a person who has lived with kidney problems since birth, leading to the need for dialysis at the age of 38, I can certainly agree that a shorter wait for a donor kidney is very welcome if not life-saving. I was lucky, I only had a four year wait.
The gift of a kidney literally gives the recipient a new lease of life. A chance to remember how it is to have free time, enjoy food, have the energy to do something active and feel like yourself again.
Thankyou to my donor's family. Thankyou to my donor. And thankyou to anyone who reads this post and talks about it to their family, so that, should the worst happen, the terrible decision may be slightly less terrible.
Nilsson provides the beautiful track...


  1. You are a shining example. Well done for this post and its thought provoking words


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