Saturday, 12 August 2017

Food For Thought

I've been cooking! I don't cook often so whenever I do, I feel it deserves a blogpost :-)
That was a tasty quiche. I layered cooked chard on the bottom, topped with cheese and added fried courgettes and spring onions before pouring on the eggy-milky mixture. So tasty! But that only used one courgette.
Yep, it's still courgette time... I used the spiraliser to twirl up a large courgette and fried it up. Fried onions were added then boiled carrots and thinly sliced par-boiled potatoes. Topped with cheese sauce and a bit of cheese on top for browning. 30 minutes later - voila!

And when isn't it chard time? I like chard, mostly for the colours,  but Jamie doesn't eat it so I have it for lunches mainly. Beetroot and carrot salad.
I have a lovely lunchbox, but this old icecream carton is just the right size for my salads. Delicious home-made coleslaw uses up some of the excess cabbage and is so tasty with beetroot.
I love harvest time - nothing better than a dish made with home-grown veg! And there's some food for thought for you - courtesy of UB40. (Haven't heard this great song in years!)


  1. We are trying to get to like chard.

    1. I eat it raw in salads a lot, but I think it's nicer cooked like spinach

  2. Yummy! I am drooling seeing this blog. Thanks for the recipe.

    1. You're welcome Thelma. Thanks for reading!


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