Monday, 3 October 2016

Food Festival Success

We got to the Town Hall with about an hour to set up the HAHA stand. It's always rather daunting when faced with 2 empty tables and surrounded by baskets, bags and boxes of vegetables. There were a few of us working to get it all done on time, and we were pleased with the result - so many interesting vegetables grown on our lovely site!
A full table-top
The tromboncino squash (thanks Jonathan!), kohl rabi and patty pans provided talking points and lots of people wanted to know the variety of the black tomatoes - Indigo Rose. I had to be honest and say they weren't as tasty as they look though!
Too much for the top of the table
The media table - food pics, site photobooks, 2008-2016 slideshow
and National Allotment Society literature

Jamie's carved pumpkin is always eye-catching. It took a long time to carve, but definitely worth the effort.
And Kerry's tasting section of the HAHA stand is always a welcome site at the top of the stairs! Those savoury scones didn't last long and none of the elderflower cordial went home!
 Our 'giant' pumpkin paled into insignificance compared to the 'guess the weight' one - 76kg!
And I got to listen to Roger Phillips' talk on mushrooms and truffles, so interesting and funny. And a few tasty recipes thrown in for good measure - I think maybe we need to go mushroom hunting again!
Aah, what a fun, long, busy day we had! We were at the allotment before 8am to pick vegetables for the display. It looked like there had been a bit of frost but it was a beautiful morning and the sun shone all day for Hungerford visitors - perfect.


  1. Interesting! Hoping there's an event like that here.

    1. It was a good day, with over 800 visitors!

  2. The carved pumpkin is great. I have a few of Roger Phillips books - so thats what he looks like. Who sets up the media table?.

    1. Loved Roger Phillips' shirt - very appropriate :-)
      The media table was set up by a couple of the plotholders and I made up the slideshow and laminated photos. The photobooks are the biggest draw though, particularly to plotholders as they go back to day 1 of the site.


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