Saturday, 22 October 2016

Back to the Real World

We've just had two lovely weeks in Puerto de la Cruz, in the North of Tenerife. I think this is our tenth visit. It's so beautiful and we discover new areas and re-visit favourites each year.
This year we found two other vegetarian restaurants in the town! We didn't get the opportunity to go in because we found them late in the holiday, but it's great to know they are there for next time. We went to our favourite vegetarian restaurant, El Limon, twice.
We arrived at a quiet time that day!
It's funny, though a bit sad, that Puerto de la Cruz caters far better for vegetarians than Hungerford and Newbury do between them! It shouldn't be difficult to put this kind of tasty snack on any menu, surely.
The Risco Bello bar restaurant isn't vegetarian, but it has such a beautiful garden to just sit in. The freshly made mango juice provided refreshment while looking at the plants they were selling and watching the turtles and birds around us.
The barraquito (con liquor) was so fabulous we stayed for two.
We prefer to go self-catering and enjoy the interesting fruits that are available fresh from the island.
Dragon Fruit - looks great, tastes great
Horny Melon - looks great, but lacks flavour
A passion fruit. It never did ripen enough to eat. I should have bought a wrinkly one,
but didn't realise what it was till I studied the receipt!
The cactus jam is amazing! So sweet and delicious on toast. A nice 3-course breakfast is a good start before going out into the ~25° temperatures. We always end up walking long distances up-and-down hills.
And cakes for breakfast too - what a great country :-) No wonder all the walking doesn't stop us gaining weight on holiday!
Lunches were generally cheese or salad rolls. And it's good to share with the locals...
Evening meals weren't always at the apartment, but we had tasty ingredients when we did cook. The little local potatoes are full of flavour and the green mild mojo sauce is coriander-y and creamy.
I've brought a pot of the black garlic home. It's almost licorice-like it's so sweet. I need to work out how to best use it. Spanish peppers grow huge, that one was bigger than my hand and delicious roasted.
Other nights we resorted to more off-the-shelf options, but still interesting Spanish (and German) vegetarian options.
Aah, it's kind of good to be home. We look forward to our next visit to lovely Tenerife x
More photos here, if you're interested.


  1. So you ate your way round the island! Welcome home!

    1. Yep! Walked miles and ate loads :-)

    2. All looks very tasty. You can still have cake for breakfast in England if you want. I have looked at all the other photos. I love the sea and the rainbow dress.


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