Saturday, 28 November 2015

Tiger Tiger...

What a horrible day! We should have got to the plot earlier; by the time we got there it was already starting to spit and when we left it was raining hard and blowing cold sharp gusts if wind. Ugh, lucky I had my new German navy parka to keep me warm and dry! (What a bargain from GoArmy - it's such a great coat I feel a bit bad getting it dirty, but I did specifically buy it for the allotment).
Anyway, this is an allotment blog, not a fashion blog :-) but this explains why we ventured out on such an awful late-November day... We had to harvest our tiger nuts (Chufa, to the spanish).
We were pleased to see that some of the tubers (they aren't nuts) had reached a reasonable size and there were some nice clumps of them around some of the stems - they seemed to be better around the edge of the pot, unless they were just easier to see.
We got a pretty good amount - hopefully enough to make our own Horchata de chufa, a lovely sweet milky-type drink which we drink in Tenerife and is very popular in Valencia
They're also quite nice raw, as a snack. They taste very much like hazelnuts but it's tricky getting all the dirt off.
Looks like a tiny spud or bug!
The grassy plant was attractive throughout the year and would be good for a bog garden, as it needs to stay wet all the time, although rather invasive which is why we grew it in a pot.


  1. I have never heard of these before. You learn something new every day!

  2. No, much more crunchy. You'd defintely think it was a nut

  3. I like the look of those. I might give them a try. Very wet and windy here too. Thanks for the wet weather coat tip.

  4. I`ve never heard of them either but sounds very interesting. I`ve just ventured up the garden and very hurriedly came back.


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