Sunday, 1 November 2015

Hallowe'en Feasting

So the pumpkins had their big day yesterday! We gave some to friends and family and we used three for our Halloween activities. We still have a couple left in the greenhouse which I think will be soup (I'm keen on making a thai-style one).
We carved these two during the day and I roasted some more of the seeds - not all of them we'd never get through that many. They're so tasty roasted in a little oil and seasoning, I also added a little turmeric.
I read about taking the hulls off and using the inner kernel like sunflower seeds. The idea of breaking the outer shell beforehand was entirely unsuccessful, so i just boiled them as they were. The hulls didn't slip off easily - in fact it was a real pain and took ages, so I'll stick with the roasting whole method in future!
Our Halloween meal consisted of a starter of purple carrot soup (flavoured with a bouquet garni). And accompanied by cool star-shaped toast.The main was Cornells Delicata squash roasted in rings and filled with chilli Quorn mince.
The allotment site had one Pumpkin Jack as protection against the night's ghouls.

Jamie and I went for a midnight meander and it seemed to be doing its job - no trouble on site apart from two slightly tipsy plotholders ;-)


  1. Clever pumpkin carving designs.

  2. It looks pretty spooky. I love the cat carved pumpkin.

  3. Thanks! We used printed templates for the first time this year

  4. Supper looked good - I'm going to roast our pumpkin seeds too but you didn't say how long......I'll have to google.

    1. I roasted for 50 minutes last time, but these ones took about 30mins on 150


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