Saturday, 5 December 2015

Return to Grassland

It can't be right, can it? Our beautiful site which is currently being enjoyed by over 77 families and has been providing a healthy pastime and community spirit within Hungerford over the last 7 years is to be "returned to grassland" by the landowner.
The reason for ending the tenancy is apparently due to a planning dispute. Not because of a plan for housing on Marsh Lane, but for another piece of land which wasn't included in West Berkshire's recent Development Plan. It's understood that the Marsh Lane field is unlikely to ever be given planning permission (though this may be wishful thinking).
So, we allotment holders are stuck in the middle of this dispute and Hungerford will lose one of its greatest community assets unless Hungerford Town Council manage to resolve the situation before April 2016. 
Hungerford will be left with an empty field with £5,000 of public-funded rabbit fencing and an unused publicly-funded £5,000 borehole in the middle of it.
Borehole digging in 2010
The town council has leased the land since 2009 and in that time we've received 3 notices to quit, which have been turned around at the last moment. I'm sick of it! It's time the town had a PERMANENT ALLOTMENT SITE, as outlined in the HungerfordTown Plan 2013.
'The Allotment' play in 2012
The Council meeting next Monday (7th Dec), which is open to the public, could be interesting...
Please come along if you think our allotment site is worth keeping!! 


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