Sunday, 2 August 2015

Counting Butterflies in the Sunshine

Today was the last day of my holiday and it was a beautiful sunny day.
After we fed all the plants that needed it e.g. tomatoes, cucumbers, tomatillo, peppers and watered everything else I went to the top of the allotment site (Jamie would call it the bottom of the site..) and counted butterflies for my Big Butterfly Count 2015.
The top of the site is quite overgrown!
This is my favourite photo that I managed to get today - such a beautiful little butterfly - the Common Blue. I don't think I've seen one on the allotment site before.
After I'd done that we picked our veggies, including quite a lot of carrot thinnings and went home to prepare for work tomorrow - booo!
The beetroot has been nibbled by something early in its life, but it's so huge that hole won't be a problem - it's just a flesh wound :-)


  1. Nice looking veggies - I hope all those thistle seeds don't blow over your allotment

  2. That butterfly photo is stunning. I might be getting better pix as have a new camera today.

    1. Thanks! Ooh new camera, exciting! Look forward to seeing photos!

  3. Just catching up with everyone's blogs. Will have a look at your wildlife blog to find out about your butterfly count.


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