Monday, 31 August 2015

Not Quite September, Definitely Not October!

We didn't stay on the plot long, too cold, maybe that's why some of the pumpkins appear to be a month ahead of where we want them to be...
The rain barely stopped so we didn't get any clearing or weeding done. Maybe tomorrow as I've gone an extra day off for the bank holiday. We picked one of our two peppers and another stalk of celery, but this one hasn't grown properly; the stems are hollow, but still full of flavour so okay for cooking with but not for a salad. We were hoping to have a courgette but the one which was big enough was covered in a jelly-like substance - probably slug eggs. Yuk! That went in the compost bin :-(
The marigolds are still growing and looking beautiful even in the rain. The wildflowers have been flattened so aren't looking so good.


  1. Your peppers are perfect! I've barely been outside today. Luckily I had my new floor polisher to entertain me! Do you think the suicide rate in west Berkshire has gone up?
    I LOVE marigolds. My Cosmos have barely flowered.... and I haven't done any watering today in the greenhouse because it was too wet to walk out to it. When I drove through East Garston at about 3.30pm there were lamps on in all the houses...

    1. Perhaps we'll get an Indian summer, after a Tenerife/Jersey one ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Lovely harvest! And I like your marigold, beautiful!

  3. Your harvest looks fine, especially the runner beans. Enjoy your Indian summer when you go to tenerife.


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