Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow Day!!

The forecasters were right! It started snowing at about 6pm yesterday and is still snowing - amazing!
I set off for work but after taking about about an hour to go 8 miles decided not to attempt the A34 so headed back home.

After warming up a bit and piling on some extra layers we ventured out into the beautiful, quiet and white Hungerford. We walked to the allotment via Freemans Marsh as it's such a pretty route and even more so when it's covered in so much snow!
No-one else had been on the site so it looked amazing. Jamie put some cheese and nuts out for the robin but we didn't see him. We saw terns and magpies over the allotment and two egret and swans amongst the birdlife on the marsh.
The snow continued to fall all the while we were there so we were happy to have a hot chocolate in the container and then I took the little video. I really must remember to move more slowly when filming - sorry if it makes you travel sick!



  1. Like the film and photos. We`ve had some snow....not enough for sledging but it might be different tomorrow. We`ve been for a walk by Guestling Church but home by the fire now deciding what to sort out and make next.

    1. Sounds like you may be getting the brunt of the snow today, Jen. Though as I type, there's some very fine flakes coming down here. I'm sure I won't be lucky enough to have another snow day though :-)

  2. I'm impressed with the number of picnic tables and chairs on your site! And only one robin? Mind you As they are territorial that may be not so surprising. Any animal footprints in that fresh snow?

    1. We have got a growing communal area - handy for get-togethers and all the long chit-chats we have on sunny days.
      We have seen two robins down by our plots and I expect every plotholder has 'their own'! Our rabbit/deer fencing has done such a good job that we didn't see any animal footprints - even the cat hadn't visited that day. Good point though, I'll look out for them next time we're up their.


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