Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Walk of Life

What a busy weekend that was!
We've finally planted everything, (oh, excet the brassicas): the Rocky cucumbers are in the tall pots in the front of the photo and a Jack Be Little pumpkin is to the right. This is Plot3 and we've put the mesh up for the spaghetti squash and the Cucamelon to clamber up. My sister gave it to Jamie for his birthday. It's such a tiny plant, hope it grabs the mesh soon and holds on tight!
We've had no rain, lots of heat and plenty of sunshine so have needed to water every day, but it's worth it with everything growing well. The Pickwick dwarf runners have produced masses of flowers and the beans are on their way now...
I wore Jamie's pedometer and walk about 5km everytime we have a watering session, so good practice for the 5km Race for Life walk I did in Oxford with my workmate Ruth on Sunday - I wasn't going to attempt running it. I so love Oxford that I had to take a few photos. Looks good with all the walkers wearing pink (not quite all). It supports all cancers now, not only breast cancer and these events raise a huge amount of money for research.
After having an amazing Paneer naan wrap from Kebab Kid on the Cowley Road I went home and, you guessed it, we needed to water the allotment. The High Street was closed off for Hungerford Carnival so we wandered up and stayed to watch the floats. We saw a few of our plotholder friends in the parade and watching it. Maybe next year we'll be organised enough to have a HAHA float...
We watered everything in the hot evening air, everything looking beautiful around us.
There were 7 Red Kites flying overhead! And so many butterflies fluttering by.
So pleased that some of the freesia bulbs, planted in Spring, have flowered. The fragrance is amazing.
Ivan has stripped down all his pea plants, so gave us his "left-overs". We made a delicious pea soup with garlic, onion and vegetable stock.
So that's another long weekend over - I took Monday off as a recovery day. This hot weather is so gorgeous but it wears me down a bit these days, luckily I have a week off very soon!
The song is by Dire Straits, with such a ground-breaking video in its day!


  1. Woohoo! Well done. Most appropriate song!

    1. Yep, probably the only opportunity I'd get to use that one!

  2. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of cucamelons.

    1. I've heard some bad reviews :-} But they do look cute :-)

  3. Well done first for participating in Race for Life , as well as completing it. I have problem with my knees, so like the idea of walking rather than running. Its such a good cause, I have two family members (on my husbands side) who have breast cancer, one is terminal - so anything to support research for a cure. You have been busy, July seems to be that way. Where did you get the mesh frame? I have been looking for something similar. Finally, love those bubbles!

    1. There were lots of people walking rather than running, so you should go along if you can.
      We bought that mesh from a garden centre 10 years ago! There are two lines of it stretched between the fruit cage struts. It looks like this JB-Retail-Solutions from Amazon


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