Friday, 8 June 2018

True Colours

We've had a couple of rather dull, but warm days so I needed to inject a bit of colour into this blogpost. This is from my dead-heading a couple of days ago. I struggle to keep up with dead-heading but I know it's worth doing regularly to keep the flowers blooming. I'll try to keep up with the blooms this year!
We've sowed our Lark and some red sweetcorn - hopefully they'll germinate quickly so we can get them planted out as soon as possible - we seem a bit late compared to fellow gardeners. I re-sowed squash seeds (Honeyboat, Festival and Autumn Crown) and they've all germinated unlike the first lot I sowed...
Over the last few days we've also planted a lot.
Three aubergines Meatball, are planted up: one in a bag in the greenhouse, one in a bag outside and one in the ground - it's Jamie's scientific test...
We have three peppers in the greenhouse (which hasn't look this tidy since this time last year!) Milena, Chelsea and Britney. Also in there are two tomatoes: Lizzano and Aviditas.
We've planted runner beans, but only two of our Scarlet Empire germinated so I bought some Moonlight plants, from a doorstep in Newbury for 50p, and have planted them alongside - they look a bit straggly, but I expect they'll recover. And, that leads me nicely into the PLANT SALE that we have tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it - so many plotholders have already donated plants and I think the sun may shine for us.
Here's Cindi Lauper with the title track.


  1. Dead heading can be tedious but has to be done. Meatball - what a strange name for a vegetable.

    1. Yes! It apparently has 'dense meaty flesh' - it's a grafted plant from Dobies

    2. Oh How I wish I had read your blog earlier... we grow in Reading, our son and his family live in Newbury and I could have sent them off to the HAHA sale... love that name!.... to see what might have ben there that we hadn't grow this year and could find space for. Never mind, next time maybe

  2. What a shame Kathy! Perhaps you can come over to visit us at our Open Day next month (8 July)


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