Sunday, 20 May 2018

Busy Earnin

The weather took a bit of a turn since that lovely Bank Holiday weekend. We've had sunshine,  but a chilly wind and clear nights have brought us a few frosts. We've been fleecing the strawberries and shutting the tender plants in the greenhouse each evening.
We've been sprinkling earth over the potato leaves which keep appearing. We don't want them to get frost-bite at this stage in their growth. Jamie prepared the compost for the potato bags and we've put one seed potato in each bag:
Pentland Javelin
We have courgettes germinating at home as well as our grafted pepper (ChelseaBritney and Milena) and aubergine (Meatball!) plants. Jamie's potted them on twice since they were delivered. I potted on the Rainbow chard plants in the greenhouse. A few for me and mostly red-stemmed and yellow-stemmed plants for selling on. They look much happier a week on..

This flower has been in a pot all through the Winter and didn't do anything except grow a few extra leaves last year, but this year it's looking lovely - I can't remember what it is.
That was last weekend and yesterday, in sweltering sunshine, we weeded a large area of Plot3 and prepared a hole for our runner beans.
I sowed a few more salad leaf, radish and onions and, I'm very pleased to say, I planted my mangetout seedlings (Shiraz and Golden Sweet) and also my sweet peas along with a lot of excess plants from Ivan. So good to be getting more plants into the ground.

I've been a bit worried about the tadpoles as I've only spotted three recently, but I'm hoping it's because they've gone to the bottom of the pond, which is very green now. I replenished some of the water and have put a bit more shade over it. I hope they're not afraid of this little Indian addition to the garden :-)

The lily beetle has found the plants that are next to the pond... Aren't they pretty, but not welcome!
So the song title is because I've had a couple of very busy weeks at work. I'm hoping it'll calm down a bit next week so that I feel like doing a bit of work on the plot in the evenings, we'll see... Enjoy the video - Great dancing!


  1. Tadpoles do have a knack of disappearing. I thought mine had all died but then they reappeared.


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