Monday, 1 May 2017

White Rabbit

Do you say "White Rabbit! White Rabbit! White Rabbit" on the first of the month? I don't, I say "Pinch, punch 1st of the month" but maybe that's because I was the youngest of 5 children and it's more fun to pinch and punch :-) Anyway, it's May and a bank holiday for May Day is always welcome. The sun even shone for us (some of the time).
The May blossom is just beginning to open up on our hedge and the dark clouds provided us with a huge downpour in the afternoon, so the earth looks a much healthier colour now.
I was mostly washing up old pots today. We (HAHA) have a plant sale on 3rd June so I transplanted the chard seedlings to sell there; there are far too many for our plot. They should look a bit bushier and colourful than this in a month's time.
I also did some sowing: Parsley, 3 Speedy french beans (as a special early sowing) and Early purple sprouting broccoli - this seems to do so well with other plotholders and it'll be nice to have something else to harvest early in the year. Something else other than rhubarb that is...
Our giant rhubarb plant has a flower on it - it has gone to seed like this in other years but doesn't seem to upset the plant particularly. I chopped it off, at ground level, and popped a pot over the cut stem to avoid it filling with rainwater and rotting the plant. Jamie says this is a myth, but it seems reasonable to me.
While I was fiddling about with these various things Jamie was digging the area on Plot3 where the broccoli will go. We won't need many plants as it seems to get pretty huge. That should mean that there are a few spare plants of that to go to the plant sale too - I'm hoping it will have germinated and grown a bit by then.
Those plastic cloches are covering the parsnip seeds
So, I'm sure you can guess the title is courtesy of Jefferson Airplane.


  1. I thought that the rabbit thing was just if there was an R in the month. We were plotting in a bit of sunshine today too. No rain though so the watering can was in action.

    1. Hmm, about the rabbit thing - I thought it was only in March, but it was trending on Twitter yesterday...
      I wonder if May will bring more rain than April - I hope it comes in the night and doesn't spoil nice plotting days

  2. We used to say 1st of May petticoat day, 2nd of May stinging nettle day etc etc

  3. I'm interested to grow the rhubarb. Such an interesting plant.


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