Thursday, 16 April 2015

Welcome In!

Yesterday was officially a scorcher! And I booked it off as leave - perfect! So we spent several hours on the plot putting our giant cloche up - 3 metres by 2 metres looks bigger than it sounds.
Jamie has secured the corners with stakes so hopefully it will stay put! Here's a little timelapse of part of the setup (I really must remember to film in landscape mode). We had quite a few breaks because the temperature was above 25° and I even used our sun umbrella - look at that lovely blue sky.
We're not too sure what we're going to grow in the tunnel once the seedlings are planted out. Certainly gerkhins and maybe some peppers. Of course it'll also be a handy spot for a couple of chairs on a rainy day!
Look at the temperature in there - phew, we couldn't stay in there too long today.
It seems to attract bees and flies at the moment, maybe it smells funny because it's new. We zipped the door down overnight but left the vents open, so will see what we've captured when we go up after work. I think it could be a good spot for a moth hunt later in the year.
Exciting to have something new to think about. And we can really start sowing now!


  1. I'm sure that you will put it to good use, Not a scorcher hereabouts!

    1. Our weather is declining for the weekend, but now we know where there's a warm spot on the plot ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I am very excited for you but can I just point out that this is a greenhouse!!!

    1. We aren't allowed poly tunnels or greenhouses on our site Jen. So, it will only ever be a giant cloche!


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