Saturday, 12 July 2014

Warning - Whinger Alert

Bleah, what a year!
One would think that a month off work would mean that our plots are looking beautiful and we're busy harvesting. Unfortunately that isn't the case as I've been sickly and there are a lot of bare patches where we just haven't had time to sow, plant or grow anything. I hate to admit that as I write this I know there are marigolds, cabbages and leeks drying out in their trays - how awful :-(
Well, we're resigned to not eating much this year! Here are a few pics on the few occasions we have visited.
I'm still hoping to get some mangetout. I was most disappointed, though not surprised, when I saw that the pigeons had visited...
I half-heartedly attached some strips of plastic and there's been a bit of new (un-nibbled) growth, so we'll see...
Apart from the rhubarb and strawbs this is what we've harvested! Lucky I don't have any appetite at the moment. We pulled the Desiree potatoes because the foliage had gone down with something.

I am going to risk saying that my Florence fennel looks good (well, it did a few days ago).

Here's to feeling healthy again quite soon!

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  1. Hope you are feeling better, best wishes.


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