Sunday, 25 May 2014

Something Achieved

At last! I made the chive vinegar that I've been thinking about since last August when I saw it made on The Horticultural Channel.

The first jar I made up with white wine vinegar, using the chives which I picked last week and whose buds had opened in water at home. The colour had already started seeping into the water at this point and the flowers weren't so vibrant as the freshly picked ones.
Later, after a visit to the plot, I made another jar using some lovely fresh, and more richly coloured, chives and normal distilled white vinegar.
We also had some delicious stewed rhubarb, plucked from the plot today.
Lovely colourful ingredients to work with!
Try to ignore the doughnuts!!


  1. I've never come across chive vinegar. How is it used?

    1. It should be nice for salad dressings and tasty on chips I reckon!

  2. Nice looking rhubarb. I may try a rhubarb crumble tonight, followed by a doughnut!!


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