Sunday, 13 April 2014

Time to Get On

We had a great weekend, particularly today - 5 hours on the site in the lovely warm sunshine. 
As soon as we arrived on site Tanya offered us a box of red onion sets. We were resigned to not growing any this year because Thompson & Morgan couldn't deliver our Santero sets. So that was much appreciated - I popped 14 in Plot 8 and the rest of the box went up to the allotment spares table in the communal area on site. Finally, some planting!
Plot 8 is looking loved again, with newly barked paths and dug beds and a weed-suppressed area for the seed house.
The raspberries are covered in fresh green leaves and buds. 
Jamie cleared last year's rotten potato patch and tidied the edges and I mixed some lime and a bit of fertiliser into the bed for the broad beans next week. So, we actually feel like we're getting somewhere now!

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  1. We stopped buying onions, shallots and garlic online as they never seem to be delivered as soon as we want them. Now it's a visit to a local garden centre or two.


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