Saturday, 30 November 2013

Literally SSDD!

Here's the remains of our sweetcorn - looking very picturesque against the late Autumn sky  (should that be Winter?).
Such a pretty picture I put it at the top of this post, but the stems really need clearing and composting along with most of what's left on our plots!
Another 10 wheelbarrows of manure shifted today. Half to the HAHA plot and half to ours lucky one huge pile was dumped right beside our plot - very handy!
"Same sh*t; different day".
I'm pleased with the squash trellis we had this year. I'm surprised that the heavy fruits are still suspended even though the foliage has died back completely. That squash isn't actually tied to the trellis or rope at all. It was a real space-saver rather than growing this trailing monster across the plot.
The sun is so low at this time of year that it was getting dark and chilly by 4:00pm so we cleaned the tools off and walked home on the last day of November.


  1. The first and last photos are fantastic!

    1. Thank you Sue! The lighting was beautiful and my little camera managed to catch it pretty well


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