Sunday, 25 August 2013

Lizzano and Picasa

Our Lizzano tomatoes were bought as grafted plants from Dobies. They did well last year so we have three plants in pots on the plot this year. We tried to give them more room, as last year they toppled over. However, this year they've grown even bigger and in attempting to pick we are finding ourselves treading on fallen trusses. Having said that we're still having plenty to eat.
We've been picking small amounts over the last few weeks but now masses are turning green so now our meal plans are tomato-based, still with the occasional courgette...
Our Rocky cucumbers are still paying out well and today we finally got round to eating some of the asparagus pea. We'd tasted one raw and it was horrible - one of those plants that sucks all the moisture from your tongue :-{ But stir-fried in a bit of butter - mmmm. And they really do taste of asparagus - lovely! We'll grow them again as they're such a pretty plant too.

The wildflower patch is also now looking really pretty and providing lots of pollen for the bees and butterflies.
I was fiddling about with the image processing tools in Picasa.

I don't generally use the tools to modify photos on the blog - except for cropping and occasionally I need to up the brightness.

But the Orton-ish tool does give a pleasing result!

Now, back to pickling our onions...


  1. Lovely pics. My toms are taking ages to ripen - there are loads of them but all green.
    BTW - I can't upload pix to my blog anymore - it crashes everytime I, why would that be?

    1. Do you post your pics to Picasa and then link to there from the blog - or upload directly to the blog? I go the Picasa route and haven't had a problem with that.
      Maybe you need to upgrade your picture software. I'll be round later in the week (you know why!) so can take a look then.

  2. Nice pictures and good looking well formed tomatoes. Still waiting for most of mine to ripen up.

    1. Thank you!
      The Lizzano is a great plant. We're trying to work out something that we can grow it up/through so that it doesn't tumble so low to the ground.


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