Thursday, 8 November 2012

Holiday? What holiday?!

Well, as you can see...I'm not blogging about growing tomatoes in sunny Tenerife!
We didn't make it out of the country! We're so disappointed.

The Arteriovenous (AV) fistula in my arm, which was used for needling during haemodialysis, stopped working the day before I wrote the last post. Because I have my transplant I don't actually need the fistula any more but it's kept if there's a need for it in the future.
I checked with my renal unit at the Churchill Hospital and they told me it could be painful and to take painkillers. Well, there's painful and there's PAINFUL!
Clotting fistula
After another trip to the hospital and some antibiotics the decision was made - I couldn't possibly travel and wouldn't want to have been abroad with an arm that hurt when a sleeve touched it.
So we've got a couple of weeks in Hungerford instead!

Today was the first day we've ventured to the plot. The sky was blue and sunny but no life in any of our recent plantings yet (garlic or broad beans) and nothing interesting to photograph. The minimum temp has been 2° and maximum of 13° (not 28° like Tenerife - no! Stop that!!)

Anyway, back home pretty quickly to nurse my not-so-swollen-now arm.
Tut, such bad timing  :-(


  1. How awful for you. I am so sorry you missed the holiday and hope you have insurance. If you are feeling better how about coming down to see us?

  2. Thanks. Yes, rather depressing! We're sorting out the insurance - should be ok.
    Still waiting for arm to stop hurting so I can drive again and am expecting a hospital trip next week... The fun never stops :-)

  3. Hope you are starting to feel better, the arm really does look painful. Sad that the holiday was cancelled.


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