Sunday, 15 October 2017

The Plot and the Ending (la trama y el desenlace)

It's probably our last chance to do anything on the plot before we return to our other favourite place - Tenerife (yay!). So, today I had to clear a space a plant the garlic.
I bought that bulb at the Food Festival last week - French garlic, from Brittany. I usually buy bulbs from the garden centre, but at least 3 people told me that this is what they do, so we'll give it a whirl. There were only 13 cloves so that's not as much as we usually grow, but if they're all that big it should be plenty to use throughout next year.
I cleared the end of the raised salad bed and that's where the garlic are now - I added a little 6x to the compost before mixing in, planting and then gave it a water. Garlic needs a frost to divide the bulb into cloves so I hope this warm weather doesn't stay too long - though it was a lovely afternoon in the sunshine.
The sunshine is helping the weeds grow - those violas are welcome, but the grass and thistles - ugh!!
We didn't get time to clear everywhere but most of the large thistles have been dug up and while Jamie did that I cleared the tomatoes in the greenhouse...
From that... to this...
It's nice to be able to get in the door again, but I still need to clear the remaining redcurrant tomato at the end. They're dropping all over the floor.
A nice little harvest for beet/carrot/sweetcorn salads during the week and a meal with squash and a tomato sauce tonight.
That's the first time for a few years that we've picked sensible-sized beets at this time of year! These are from the seeds we sowed in July.
And the tomato sauce has a lovely smokey flavour because of the Rapeseed oil I bought at the Food Festival last week. The squash was relatively easy to cut and I was going to stuff it whole..
But, because of the way the flesh had grown, I decided to chop it like this, drizzle with oil and roast - I'll just pour the sauce on once it's cooked and I'll add a vegetarian pepperoni for a bit of protein.
And I'm currently obsessed with this song that has provided the title - it's so beautiful, please listen to the rather lovely Jorge Drexler.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks - nice to have lunch entirely home-grown still!

  2. Muy buena cosecha. Aquí ese tipo de ajo se le llama ajo elefante. Me gusta mucho el invernadero que tienes. Aprovecha cuando vengas a Tenerife para comprar semillas.
    Un beso

    1. Gracias, si creo que son ajo elefante.

  3. We haven’t grown garlic for a couple of years as it didn’t do very well.

    1. Garlic always does pretty well here (well, so far!)

  4. What a good job yo have of tidying up the shop before your sojourn. Enjoy.

    1. Thankyou Mal - we will... Still counting down the days at the moment...


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