Saturday, 5 August 2017

Summers End

It's been decidedly autumnal all week and the grey skies and chill wind were getting quite depressing, but after a little rain the sun came out for long periods today and everything was better again!
Aah, blue skies and runner beans - look at those lovely contrasting colours, perfect! And we've got runner beans and Kestrel spuds for dinner - no courgettes today!
Courgettes have still been the basis of most meals though but we have noticed some have started going a bit brown down the core, even though there doesn't seem to be any damage on the outside. I'm blaming the weather, of course. But the taste, without the brown bits, was still good in my spanish omelette with chard and spring onion last night.
The giant beetroot is joining cheese in sandwiches. Boltardy are good as they don't seem to go woody even when huge - they just take longer to cook. We do ours in the oven wrapped in foil but this one needed more than an hour and a half (better to use big ones chopped up and roasted)!
The Aviditas tomato trusses are really long this year and we're sure the tomatoes are bigger than last year. 
Only a couple of tomatoes have started turning red so far. Not sure if any will be ready for our Horticultural Show in a couple weeks. I've cut back a lot of leaves to attempt to get more light to help ripen the fruits.
The Lark sweetcorn has developed its male seedheads but no female tassles yet. The Glass Gem are just growing taller with no sign of any flowers as yet.
So, Summer's End by the Foo Fighters is the song title but I know there's more summer to come so it's not really that depressing!

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  1. The weather last week was very strange and i think it is set to continue, yes Autumn feels like it is already on our doorstep. The Aviditas tomato trusses look absolutely amazing like christmas baubles, they made me smile. Your potatoes look good too, we have a measly harvest of potatoes per plant this year. Nx year def. growing in pots.


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