Thursday, 31 December 2015

The end of 2015 and a Summary

Yesterday evening we had a nice snacky tea, so I made up a few of these excellent little penguins - mozzarella pearls, black olives and home-grown carrot. Cute, huh?
And, these are cherry tomatoes with pesto (vegan) and a little cocktail onion in the middle for an extra bit of crunch. They were very tasty. I only made a few. My sister, Joanne, will remember the pain of making loads (probably 50 or more) for a party she had years ago. Hopefully next year we'll have some home-grown tomatoes and I know fellow plotholder, Alison, makes pesto using broad beans so I'll have to get the recipe from her.
As Storm Frank was causing havoc in the North-West we were having a blustery wet day. We took a walk up to the allotment as we haven't moved much over the last week. It was nice to be out in the fresh air, which was rather cooler than it has been of late so we got to use the hand warmers. They'll certainly be useful when cleaning veg on the plot in icy cold water! (Have I mentioned my sister gave me some nail varnish? I couldn't decide which colour to wear, so tried them all out :-)) You can see the gel in the hand warmer I'm holding has gone solid and that's when it heats up - amazing!
Compost bins and lids have been fairly scattered around the site as usual, but no real damage. I added a lot of kitchen waste (mostly tea bags and coffee grounds) to the compost bins. Plenty of worms doing their job but also a lot of (white) flies, which are less welcome. The temperature is forecast to go below freezing tonight so that may kill off a few of the nasties. The weather's been so mild! The rosemary has buds on and this is one of the Meconopsis plants (beautiful blue Himalayan poppy) that my sister gave us for Christmas. It arrived just before Christmas as an empty pot!
Happy New Year Everyone!!
I hope you'll have some happy blogposts from me in 2016!!


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    1. Happy New Year to you, Sue. I look forward to your 2016 posts and pictures

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR for you and your plotting.


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